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Personal loan in 5 Minutes

  • Enter Mobile number and click "Apply".
  • Upload your Proof Of Address.
  • Upload Driver License ID or Voter ID.
  • Pass L-Pesa Verification process. 
  • Check your Wallet for cash.

Small Business Loan 

  • Looking for the best support for quick financing for your business?
  • Small Business Loan with minimum weekly repayment.

24/7 Weekly Repayment

  • Transform your finances today by using L-Pesa services.
  • 24/7 Finance, without the pinch.
  • Smaller instalments are more manageable.
  • With L-Pesa, you can pay back your micro-loan with a weekly repayment in micro-instalments.
  • Whether you need money for your personal growth, business development, you name it; you will soon discover that L-Pesa financial services are your secret to financial freedom.

Example Loan Calculation:

Loan Terms Weekly Total Repayable APR
$40 9 Weeks 12,703.80 TZS 114,335.00 TZS 43%
$3,000 104 Weeks $47.60 $4,950 65%

Rates and Fees

The interest rate you will pay depends on your loan amount and credit profile. For medium to long term loans, maximum 2 years, the APR can be up to 65%. On short term loans the APR can be up to 164%. Repayment periods can be between 1 week and 24 months.

Vodacom Tanzania Ltd  MIC Tanzania Ltd (TIGO)  

Q - What is the eligibility criteria to qualify for an L-PESA loan?

A - 6 months history with one of our mobile banking partner...

Preferred Customer

Establishing and maintaining long term mutual rewarding relationships is a primary focus for L-Pesa. To fulfill this mandate, every customer is offered the opportunity to become a preferred customer, so that they can experience more benefits, ad...

Your Credit Score

At L-Pesa, we have developed a credit score system to enable those who pay back their loans on time access to more funds when they need them. We use this score to differentiate our high-risk customers from our low-risk ones. If you are a low-ris...