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Mobile Banking:It's Money, It's Global, It's Easy access

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Convenience meets technology with cutting edge mobile banking services. The mobile service providers in Africa, Sout America and Asia, pioneered the popular Mobile Banking Services. Mobile Banking allows you to send and receive funds using your mobile phone in a private, safe and secure manner. With this service, you can execute a range of instant  transactions including:


  • Pay bills
  • Send and receive money from family and friends
  • Generate savings 
  • Purchase airtime
  • Get loans
  • Buy goods

If you wish to withdraw money from your mobile phone, all you need to do is find an authorized dealer and your digital money turns into cash you can hold in your hand.

Getting Started

To use this service, you must have a national identification card to open an account and register your information. You do not need a bank account, or to fill out a complicated application form. This flexibility means that almost anyone can open and operate a Mobile Banking account.To confirm a transaction has taken place, your mobile service provider will send a confirmation text message to both the sender and the receiver, which can also be used as your digital receipt.

More L-Pesa Partners

Mobile Banking services are available in several countries including Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Burundi, Uganda, Rwanda, Mozambique, India and more. As well as in a range of countries, in Tanzania, L-Pesa has partnered with mobile services, facilitating you direct access to mobile banking services through our site. In addition, L-Pesa offers accessibility to Airtel Money, the mobile banking service offered by international mobile service provider Airtel.

If you need to pay an urgent bill, or you must send money to a family member or even recharge your mobile phone at your convenience, with L-Pesa you can easily utilise and benefit from mobile banking services, from anywhere in the world, whether or not you are on the same network as the sending party.

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