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Your Credit Score

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Your Credit Score

At L-Pesa, we have developed a credit score system to enable those who pay back their loans on time access to more funds when they need them. We use this score to differentiate our high-risk customers from our low-risk ones. If you are a low-risk customer and are able to increase your credit score consistently, then you are able to take advantage of a range of value added services. Our credit score system is based on a weekly repayment rate. When you start using our service with your first loan, your credit score is at zero. Each time that you complete a payment on time, your credit score goes up. Once you have completed the payments, you are eligible for a higher loan. 



The credit levels 

  • $1 First-Time Customer – Credit Score of 0
  • $2.5 to $95 Seasoned Customer – Credit Score of 0 – 186
  • $100 to $575 Preferred Customer – Credit Score of 196 - 725
  • $600 to $700 Gold Customer – Credit Score of 755 - 800

When you reach a credit score of 100 or more, you become a preferred customer and are eligible for a range of benefits from L-Pesa.

Customer StatusCredit ScoreLoan amountDaysWeeks
Seasonal Customer0$2.5639
Seasonal Customer10$5639
Seasonal Customer22$10639
Seasonal Customer30$12.5639
Seasonal Customer35$15639
Seasonal Customer40$17.5639
Seasonal Customer45$20639
Seasonal Customer50$25639
Seasonal Customer55$30639
Seasonal Customer60$35639
Seasonal Customer65$40639
Seasonal Customer70$45639
Seasonal Customer75$507010
Seasonal Customer80$557010
Seasonal Customer85$607711
Seasonal Customer90$657711
Seasonal Customer95$708412
Seasonal Customer100$758412
Seasonal Customer110$809113
Seasonal Customer120$859113
Seasonal Customer130$909814
Seasonal Customer140$959814
Preferred Customer150$10010515
Preferred Customer175$12511216
Preferred Customer200$15011917
Preferred Customer225$17511917
Preferred Customer250$20013319
Preferred Customer280$22513319
Preferred Customer290$25014721
Preferred Customer300$27514721
Preferred Customer365$30014721
Preferred Customer390$32514721
Preferred Customer435$35014721
Preferred Customer470$37514721
Preferred Customer515$40016824
Preferred Customer545$42514721
Preferred Customer575$45014721
Preferred Customer610$47514721
Preferred Customer645$50014721
Preferred Customer670$52514721
Preferred Customer695$55014721
Preferred Customer725$57514721
Gold Customer755$60014721
Gold Customer785$62514721
Gold Customer800$65014721
Gold Customer800$67514721
Gold Customer800$70014721

Defaulting on your loan

If you default on your repayments, or you make a repayment late, you will lose one credit point for each week. Should you miss or delay 10 repayments in a row, your credit score will automatically change to zero, and you will have to wait a one full year to be able to build your credit score from scratch and only after you clean your previous loan.