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Mobile Banking Service

Mobile Banking:It's Money, It's Global, It's Easy access

The mobile banking service has evolved over the years, and now stands securely on its own platform. If you are an individual who is time conscious and interested in rapidly growing your business with an added advantage, then mobile banking services are for you.

Mobile banking is faster than conventional banking. Transfers from one mobile phone to another are instant, allowing the exchange of goods and services to progress rapidly. It is also incredibly convenient, as a person saves time and cost on travel and waiting at banks.

One does not require a conventional bank account to use mobile banking services. All monies are saved within the mobile phone, and transactions are easily confirmed through text messages. Should you want to convert your mobile money into cash, you can do so easily at designated dealers, and even some ATM’s.

A mobile banking service is excellent for the financially marginalised, who may not have access to formal banking services. No matter where one is located, whether in an urban or rural area around the world, this service allows one to carry out transactions including funds transfers and bill payments.

Mobile banking services are secure as you require a PIN number to access your money. If the PIN number is entered incorrectly after several tries, the system automatically locks keeping your money safe.

You can accomplish so much more with your money on the go. With L-Pesa, get help to access secure mobile banking services starting now.