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L-Pesa Business Loans are now available for money agents

L-Pesa Business Loans are now available for money agents. M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa and Airtel Money Agents can now gain access to L-Pesa Business loans to help grow their businesses and attain elevated success. Are you wondering how you can benefit from these services? It is simple.
Register your business to gain access to L-Pesa services in the one step application process. Apply for the loan amount that you require and wait for confirmation of your loan application. Once confirmed, the funds shall be deposited into your agent mobile banking account and you can repay the loan in reasonable installments.
L-Pesa services can also be availed to customers of the agents, giving any agent the chance to elevate their profits through these services. If you want to get the most of L-Pesa, take this opportunity to apply for an L-Pesa business loan. This is the solution that all money agents need to propel their businesses to success.