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LPK Token to empower the unbanked population

Microfinance boasts a history—centuries-long and worldwide—of answering a fundamental demand. The concept of microfinance isn’t new. However, L-Pesa microfinance most certainly is. Traditional microfinance has limited reach, and solutions have been targeted towards poor farmers and small business owners— completely overlooking others in need that represents 42% of the world’s population.

Powering A Paradigm Shift

Middle class consumers and business owners in developing countries have an unmet demand for credit, but the current financial infrastructure does not support credit underwriting.

Serving 42% of the World’s Population

The market is enormous: L-Pesa’s targeted countries contain 42% of the world’s population. This goes well beyond simply serving the unbanked. L-Pesa not only provides access to credit, but also gives the token holders a direct benefit from the growth of the L-Pesa network, by enabling users to receive weekly income in proportion to the tokens held.

The L-PESA Solution

L-Pesa has harnessed these market forces and built technology and a proprietary credit scoring model that allows it to quickly scale microlending in developing countries while keeping loss ratios below 10%. The solution is highly automated, allowing a small back office team to support high volume loan origination. All loans are serviced by L-Pesa.

A Token to Revolutionize Microfinance

L-Pesa is powered by the L-Pesa token. By utilizing the token, users will

  • have access to credit
  • build their credit score
  • be able to pay fees
  • receive weekly dividends

The more people utilize the L-Pesa token and network, the greater the benefit they receive - a truly virtuous cycle.

For LPK trading, please join l-pesa telegram group https://t.me/LpesaICO


Q - What is the eligibility criteria to qualify for an L-PESA loan?

A - 6 months history with one of our mobile banking partner...

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