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Manage your group's loan

Be a leader - Manage your group's loan

Elevating your life can be a challenge due to financial constraints, but the support of a group can make a significant difference. That is why at L-Pesa, we facilitate group loans, so that you can develop yourself with ease, and positively influence the lives of others as well. Becoming a member of a group is straightforward. To begin with, great groups need great leaders, and if you know that you have these qualities you can create a group so that you all get access to finance. Once you create a group, you take on the role of the group administrator. Each group administrator should have minimum of 500 credit score and group will enjoy a $1,000 loan. To ensure that you have the right support, we at L-Pesa will assist you in several ways. To begin with, we ensure that there is a spread of responsibility, as each member of your group is accountable for their part. Prior to the group being accepted, the staff at L-Pesa will carry out a ground credit check so that the group can be approved. We will check and speak with group members, to ensure they are clear about how the group will work.

Loan information

  • Group's loan 0f $1,000 for period of 6 months or 24 weeks.
  • $12 processing fee for each member in the group.
  • Minimum 5 members in each group.