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L-Pesa start pre-sale offer of new L-Pesa coin

L-Pesa is a progressive finance platform that has grown in popularity due to its microfinance loans. This product offerings have made it possible for people from all walks of life to access finance, so that they can build up their finances and improve their quality of life. In line with always offering L-Pesa customers the latest financial products, it will soon be possible to purchase the very first cryptocurrency from this service provider. That is, the L-Pesa coin.

This is an offer that will be open to all L-Pesa customers over the next two months. In this time, it will be possible for customers to book for L-Pesa coins, as well as to be the first to make payment while the price is still low. The prices shall start out at 1 coin = $1 and as with all cryptocurrencies, it is expected that the value of these coins will grow rapidly over a short period of time. This will guarantee an excellent return over time.

For added value, during the pre-sale period, it will be possible to purchase 1 L-Pesa coin and get 1 for free. This means that even though you pay for 1 coin, you will receive 1 more for free, meaning that you get two coins for the price of one.

There are limited platforms online that will offer you this type of 50% discount, just because you are a member. With L-Pesa, your membership and usage of the service has additional meaning as it opens you up to these amazing offers. So, the question is, how do you go about purchasing your coins?

The first thing that you must ensure is that you have a credit score of 20 points or more. Each time you complete payment of an L-Pesa loan, then you can elevate your total credit score. Then, you should apply by providing your full personal information as well as ID information. It is really that simple.

When you have purchased your first L-Pesa coins, you will be able to trade or sell them after a total of thirty days. One could say that the coins take 30 days to mature. However, in that period, you can continue to increase your L-Pesa coin wallet to enjoy a host of benefits in the future.

There are two types of people that this amazing offer will benefit. The first are the existing customers of L-Pesa who will have access to a way that they can boost their current financial standing. The second is for new customers who have not yet signed up onto the platform. L-Pesa coins are an inexpensive way that you can invest and grow your money to get a brilliant return. While you put these coins aside, you will also be able to use the services that are on offer from L-Pesa, including the microloan services.

Financial freedom for all is what drives L-Pesa. Take advantage of this 50% discount offer on the L-Pesa coin.

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