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How to Pay Back your TIGO SMS Bill Repayment to L-Pesa

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Piga *150*01#, kwenye orodha chagua #4 (lipia bili), Tuma na uchague #3 (Nambari ya kampuni), weka namba ya kampuni ya L-Pesa ambayo ni 302600 kisha tuma, weka namba ya kumbukumbu, ambayo ni namba ya mkopo uliochukua kisha tuma, weka kiasi unachotaka kulipa na tuma; kamilisha muamala wako kwa kuweka namba yako ya siri ya Tigo-Pesa


How to payback your TIGO SMS Bill Repayment to L-Pesa:

Dial *150*01# from Tigo-Pesa number, menu comes, select 4 (Pay Bill) after that another menu comes, select 3 (Business Number) and L-Pesa Business Number is 302600, after that you will be required to add your loan reference number, (You received it with SMS Bill Repayment SMS) THEN AMOUNT (add the exact amount on the SMS) Then go on to finalize the transaction by placing your Tigo-Pesa PIN.